COVID-19 Measures

In this time of heightened awareness of hygiene practices, please note that we take your health seriously.  Whilst we normally exercise high levels of hygiene, we are conscious that new measures need to be taken whilst we still meet patient needs.

As such, we are implementing the following measures to ensure we minimise the risk of infection:

  1. Fresh towels and gowns for each patient
  2. Sanitisation of treatment tables and surfaces prior to each patient
  3. Use of gloves during treatment
  4. Washing hands before and after treatment of each patient
  5. Increased dusting, vacuuming, mopping of general clinic
  6. Wiping down of all door handles, light switches and other surfaces that are regularly used
  7. Providing hand sanitiser at the clinic front desk
  8. Use of salt pods and essential oil diffusers in the waiting room and treatment rooms to improve air quality
  9. Awareness of social distancing

For current updates on the coronavirus situation, please visit Australian Government Coronavirus Health Alert.

We thank you for your continued patronage and know that we will all get through this together,

Best wishes,

Andrew and the team at Hills Osteopathic and Health Care Centre.