Do no harm

The Hippocratic oath is something that most health practitioners are familiar with and osteopaths are no exception.  With their extensive training and ongoing professional education, they are always striving to be at the top of their game.

As a result, osteopathy is very safe and gentle.  It can be used with great efficacy on people of all ages and conditions.

Unlike other physical forms of treatment, osteopaths employ a range of gentle techniques to encourage your body’s natural healing.  By ‘switching on’ appropriate muscles, postural strains are avoided and better functioning ensues.

Prior to your first treatment, your practitioner will outline their treatment plan.  If you have any questions or health concerns, please do not hesitate to bring these up with your practitioner.

No two treatments are the same as patients are assessed and treated holistically.  Patients are encouraged to work with their practitioner to achieve optimal health, this may include a stretching routine, the suggestion of dietary changes and / or the use of anti inflammatory support.